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There are trends, which drive the industry of interior design. You can feel, see and touch them in the interior periodicals when visiting exhibitions. Both the mainstream forums, like   ISalone, and less global ones show their vision of the style development. There are trendsetter companies, which offer their version of style and comfort materialized in interior design.  

 Like with clothes: you can come to the department store and try everything - from casual “no style” to epitomized elegance. Another way – to go to the concept store to choose from the collections in the style you love.

We do not classify objects by style. Our showroom exhibits are chosen to reflect the taste preferences. We are happy to share them with clients and to see architects including them into their projects. For partners we choose manufacturers/factories, having strong positions in the classical style, art-deco, decorative and technical light, new and traditional fabrics. 

Our design bureau believes that any style can integrate latest trends of the interior fashion.

Space Four is the popular venue for Art Dialogues. These are meetings, where celebrities and art intellectuals share their vision of art and living space development with professionals and sophisticated customers.

An important activity of Space Four is the modern art promotion, we see it as the integral part of a contemporary interior. We cooperate with art galleries and artists, both popular masters and new creators of urban art.

Daria Talalaleva and  Space Four team

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